Christar Events

Christar Events is involved in organizing and renting event equipment.
The website we designed serves Christar Events as an online catalog of their equipment and products as well as through the presentation of their services.

Overdose Escape Room

Overdose Escape Rooms creates escape game scenarios.
The website we designed serves online booking and presentation of their escape rooms, the degree of difficulty and the experiences of the players.

“Κάτι ψήνεται…”

“Something’s cooking…” is a grill house and our collaboration was about designing an integrated corporate identity. The website we created concerns the promotion, the public share of the menu and the direct communication of the customers with the company.

Our Pure Nature

Our Pure Nature deals with group sessions and couple therapy.
The website we were asked to design was based on “Our Pure Nature” philosophy and serves them to post their articles as well as to organize their seminars.

CMYK Solutions

Under Construction

CMYK Solution is a affiliate company and deals with printing materials and forms. The page we designed serves the company to present their projects.